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Overhead Gun Rack

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* Requires a Footman Loop (a factory installed bracket located on windshield frame above rear-view mirror) and roll bar

The Perfect Rack for Jeeps

The Perfect Rack overhead gun and bow rack for Jeeps is the latest innovation in caring for and transporting your hunting firearms, bows, fishing rods and other hunting equipment.

The Perfect Rack offers easy installation, safe transportation, and dependable usage through a compact design and lifetime warranty.

Available now for purchase starting at $139.99 plus shipping. Simply click on one of the the "Add to Cart" buttons below which corresponds to your Jeep model year:

The Perfect Rack - Jeep Version (1942 - 2006*)
$139.99 + shipping

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The Perfect Rack - Jeep Version (2007 & newer)
$149.99 + shipping

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Introduction Video to The Perfect Rack

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Features & Benefits

Hunter Safety Engineered - The Perfect Rack was designed with hunter safety in mind. By having your firearms in an overhead location, you no longer 'cross over' your hunting partner when taking the firearm out of the vehicle. Now your firearms will be transported in a safe and easy manner.

Keeps Firearms Off of the Floor - The Perfect Rack places your firearms high and inside the vehicle. Entry and exit of your vehicle is now done without the worry of hitting or causing damage to your firearms.

Keeps Firearms Protected - The Perfect Rack stores your firearms high and inside the vehicle out of the elements. This provides a clean and safe environment for your valuable firearms.

Keeps Firearms Easily Accessible - The Perfect Rack allows for easy access to your firearms through the overhead design. No need to reach behind the seat or fight with a floor mounted system.

No Modifications To Vehicle - The Perfect Rack does not require any modifications to your vehicle. Take The Perfect Rack out of the box and install it in minutes.

Made in the USA - The Perfect Rack is proudly designed, manufactured, assembled, and shipped right here in the USA. We are confident the American made Perfect Rack is the best on the market.

Lifetime Warranty - The Perfect Rack comes with a lifetime warranty that covers all areas of the product: design, construction, welds, and more. Rest assured, the investment in The Perfect Rack provides a guarantee for life.

All Steel Construction - The Perfect Rack has spared no expense in the overall design and construction. High grade steel, stainless hardware and precision welding are just a few of the benefits that make The Perfect Rack the most solid vehicle rack available.

Easy Installation - The Perfect Rack installs in your vehicle without the need of any tools. Simply hook the front end into the Jeep's footmans loop, place the rear cuff around the rollbar, and tighten the quick release knobs.

Compact Design - The Perfect Rack was designed to take up minimal space and exist in the 'open' area of a vehicle. When not in use it easy stores in a small amount of space.



Availability and Models

There are two versions of The Perfect Rack:

  • A Jeep version that fits years 1942 - 2006*

  • A Jeep version that fits years 2007 and newer (this version works with both 2-door and 4-door models)

Optional Accessories:

There are interchangeable Bow Hangers for The Perfect Rack. These interchangeable Bow Hangers are Jeep year-model-specific, just like The Perfect Rack. Choose the Bow Hangers that fit your Jeep year model below:

Bow Hangers for Jeep models 1942 - 2006*

Bow Hangers for Jeep models 2007 & Newer


A Security Gun Lock fitting both models of The Perfect Rack is now available!
The Security Gun Lock can anchor one (1) or two (2) firearms in The Perfect Rack.
Click here to learn more about the Security Gun Lock.

Security Gun Lock kit for all Jeeps 1942 - current with The Perfect Rack already installed


If you are a bow hunter exclusively ...
and you need The Perfect Rack to carry bows only, please call us directly at 972-757-2166.

The Perfect Rack will carry:

  • Shotguns
  • Rifles
  • Bows & Arrows
  • Fishing rods
  • and more ...


* Requires a Footman Loop (a factory installed bracket located on windshield frame above rear-view mirror) and roll bar


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